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Since the launch of Foursquare and Gowalla, location-based applications has become quite popular to digital tech junkies. But now, Facebook wants to join in.

Information has leaked that Facebook is set to roll out location-based features for users and brands as soon as this month. This will enable you to not only share your thoughts and feelings, but also your location (via your smartphone’s GPS). According to CNN, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg dodged questions on the subject at a recent news conference.

Many debates has risen from the fact that Facebook is already struggling with privacy issues and that sharing your location will definitely not help with that. But if Facebook succeeds in bringing this app to their user base of 400 million people, it could take “location” or “place” features to the next level!

According to AdvertisingAge, McDonalds will be the first to use this feature, enabling clients to “check in” by updating their status while adding the product that you are buying into the post. When you think about this, it may open many doors for restaurants and other Fan pages, as the example of McDonalds will post a picture to your wall post, marketing that specific product.

But maybe this feature will make Facebook less social. You surely do not want to have your whole wall and updates full of a company or restaurant’s advertisements. and while you may like that, your friends may not.

Would you mind checking statuses of your friends eating McDonalds? Or would you rather want that to be on a fan page or on the TV? Are Facebook making the mistake of their life?

Sources: AdvertisingAge, Mashable and SciTechBlog


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