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Hi there everyone, I just finished my 2nd year of Public Relations Management at CPUT and started my internship at Interactive Concepts this week.
I always thought that my love for my computer and trying to figure stuff out on it, was never going to mean much. From sneaking around on my brother’s computer and finding stuff that should rather not have been found, to now – feeling one with my “lappie”.
The thing is, we are all new to something, and this week, I was new to this whole new world that the internet has opened up – a world of possibilities! I never realised that there are so many opportunities, and not only for businesses that relies on advertising, but on every single product or service. Really, the internet is AMAZING!
I feel sorry for the people who has not yet realised this, ‘coz they, as we say it in Afrikaans: “suig aan die agterste speen”.
Starting this week with my internship, I walked in and was immediately faced with PPC, CPM, ROI, SEO, banners, mailers, skyscrapers, etc. most of which I have never ever heard before! I found myself almost drowning in this pit of online acronyms and strange phrases. Luckily, Japie’s office was not too far and I could easily knock on his door, feeling really stupid and dumb, asking him what PPC stands for, because surely you do not work with cement on the internet??
But as the week progressed, I quickly learned, or found out for myself, how most of this internet and online marketing systems work. I can proudly say that I am better, more equipped and more prepared for whatever obstacle the World Wide Web throws at me, and come what may; I will improve on everything in the coming year!


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