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The internet, as we all know, has a lot of advantages for any business. But let’s think about the internet as a human being; does it still have that many advantages?

  • PRO 1: The internet discriminates against no one. If you want to comment on something and give your opinion, they do not ask you to give your age, gender, race, etc. so there can be no discrimination against you because of something you said.
  • PRO 2: Because of the fact that there is no place for discrimination on the internet, stereotypes are also something not found often. For example, if you say something, no one can reply with a “you just say that because you are a guy”.
  • PRO 3: The internet has personality. Whether you are a sophisticated professional, or a freelance “surfer dude”, there is a place for you on the internet. Blogs is a good example of this as you can find many styles of writing to fit your personality, thus improving the “conversation” between you and the article or blog on the internet.
  • CON 1: Without a profile, you can become anyone. Many people find the need to reveal themselves for someone they are not, so that they can mislead people. For example, you can be an old man from the USA and create a profile on Facebook or any other internet platform as a 18 year old hunk from Hawaii. The sad thing is that people really do this with no consent.
  • CON 2: The internet only answers questions that are there. Though the internet is a quick way of finding out things, it is not as quick at responding to your personal questions. For example, if you want to know a specific thing about a hotel, there is the option of sending an email to them. However, you don’t receive feedback on that email in an instant. Thus making the internet not as instant as it is portrayed to be.

Therefore it is clear that the internet is a lot more human than you might think…



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