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What would be a great way to get your audience’s full attention? By giving them their own earphones of course!

Many of you might respond to “Silent Gigs” with a big “HUH?” But SA band, TONIK came up with an idea that enables each audience member to listen to gigs at his/her desired volume level.

TONIK, Jann Krynauw and Ronan Skillen, creates an unique atmosphere by supplying each audience member with a pair of wireless earphones with its own volume control.

It provides a detailed and very personal atmosphere. However because of the very ‘live’ environment and highly detailed microphone transmission one is actually more part of the whole event than ever before. People are literally in control of their own sound. If you like it loud you can turn up your volume and down for more sensitive listeners.

I would image that to watch this from a distance would be quite a funny sight, but if you are part of the audience, the experience will be amazing! When listening to their songs, you quickly feel the need to put on headphones and, depending on your mood, turn the volume to create the perfect atmosphere in which you can just close your eyes and forget about the world around you! Now imagine that with a live band…

For more information visit their website:



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