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Social Media – a killer?


The social media universe is known for its quick updates on news and current events – most of the times people tweet about something that hasn’t reached the news yet.

But unfortunately, this also holds a negative side as people tend to trust anything news-related they see on Twitter or other social media platforms.

This happened this week with Dutch DJ and musician, Tiësto:

The world of dance music woke up yesterday morning (Thursday July 8th 2010) to the tragic news that the global DJ & Producer Tiësto had died in a car accident!  –

The internet was flooded with tweets and messages which stated that the DJ was in a car accident – it even gave specifics like the involvement of alcohol and speeding, and where exactly it took place.

Tiësto quickly realised that while he was busy tweeting, people were mourning about his death. Though he says he has no idea where the rumours began, he did not let it get him down and tweeted:


This just shows that though social media delivers the message extremely quickly, it is not always the right message…




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