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Social Media as a News Source


A while back the only way breaking news stories were conveyed, was through Newspapers or word-of-mouth. But lately, we communicate these stories through means of social media.

Applications such as Twitter and Facebook creates an informative environment where you can get up to speed on what is happening where. Twitter for example, has become a means of delivering breaking news stories.

An excellent example of this is when Julius Malema, ANC Youth League president, kicked out BBC journalist Jonah Fisher at a media briefing. Almost immediately Twitter was flooded with quotes and links. Jonah Fisher’s tweet “Forced out of ANCYL meeting and called a bastard by Julius Malema. What did I do? Pointed out that he lives in Sandton…” was retweeted numerous times.

Facebook also serves as an example after the death of AWB leader, Eugene Terreblanche. A series of groups and pages followed a day after this murder:

ETThis is evident as to how social media affects society, by informing them of the latest happenings. One of the things my Media Studies lecturer taught me, is that an article has to be punctual. But in the world of social media, news has a relevant time span and reaches the audience so much quicker. Whether this is a good or a bad thing, is debatable.



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