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Therapist in your pocket?

Soon it will be possible to access a range of mental health therapies, tests and much more from your smartphone…

– EyeWitnessNews

Yes, your smartphone will soon be able to help you quit smoking and “deliver state-of-the-art psychotherapies in a non-stigmatizing fashion” (according to research findings). Yoga and other meditation applications will offer breathing techniques and you will even find therapeutic advice to manage your moods.

How it works

Put together by different experts in this field, it will be a moon ring-like application called “Mobile Therapy”. The application will enable you to “drag a little red dot around that screen with your finger to indicate current mood, plus it will have the capability to measure and track energy levels, sleep patterns, activities, food eaten, and much more”.

“The phone app offers therapeutic exercises. These range from breathing visualizations to progressive muscle relaxation,” and “everyone who used it described new insights about their emotional variability,” said Margaret Morris, PhD, a clinical psychologist and senior researcher in Intel’s Digital Health Group.

But wait, there’s more…

Other professors, scientists and psychotherapists are also busy creating two applications “”Mobile Mood Diary” and “My Mobile Story”.

Mobile Mood Diary is currently under investigation with therapists and young patients in Ireland and Alan Delahunty, BA, MA Reg EAP, a psychologist, and marital/family therapist in Galway had this to say about it, “From a clinical point of view, I’ve found it a huge improvement over the pen and paper technique,” and “his young patients love the app – rarely missing doing their daily homework.”

Plus “you get a complete print-out of their mood, their energy level, their sleep patterns, and any comments they’ve made over the week or two. And then you can put that down on the table in front of you, and use it to discuss the therapy with the young person. I’m getting more comments. And in some cases, it’s really like narrative therapy, where you’d be getting a paragraph of text for each day, which brings out a richness in the therapy situation that you can explore then.” Delahunty even found the application a practical tool for managing drug interventions.

– EyeWitnessNews

To read the full article, click here…



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