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While some of us are just getting used to Web 2.0, the possibility of Web 3.0 is getting closer and closer…

Let’s go through it quickly:

Web 1.0

This was the beginning of the internet or the release of WWW (1991-2003)

Web 2.0

This refers to the stage where internet is now – where social media and social networking got integrated and blogs and other sharing platforms took over.

Web 3.0

This will make the internet more “personal”. I found a good example on HowStuffWorks: when you are planning an evening out and you would like to watch a movie and eat Mexican food, you would search for that separately. But with Web 3.0, all you would have to do is type in “I want to see a funny movie and then eat at a good Mexican restaurant. What are my options?”. What makes it even better is that you “the Web 3.0 browser will act like a personal assistant. As you search the Web, the browser learns what you are interested in. The more you use the Web, the more your browser learns about you and the less specific you’ll need to be with your questions. Eventually you might be able to ask your browser open questions like “where should I go for lunch?” Your browser would consult its records of what you like and dislike, take into account your current location and then suggest a list of restaurants.” – Source: HowStuffWorks

    So, Web 3.0 will ENGAGEeven more than Web 2.0. Soon enough you will be able to talk to the internet as if it was your next best friend.

    What is your opinion on Web 3.0?



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