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macdonald-fiWhy do they call it “Fast Foods”? Because it’s food, fast…

Think about it for a second, you drive to a McDonalds and place your order at the first window, followed by a second window where you pay. And what do you do, just pay. Proceeding to the next window – there it is! Your food is nicely wrapped up and you are good to go! Easy as that: order, pay, get. A matter of 1, 2, 3, let’s go!

In this hectic lifestyle that we have to keep up with, getting what we want fast, just makes everything easier! For example, I was looking at venues for my birthday a while back, I just wanted one small piece of info that was not available on the website. Thus, I went to “Need more information? Contact us” and sent an email. After more than a month, I have not received any reply…

It is clear that faster service does not only impact the customer, it will also lead to more business for the service/company. Not only will customers enjoy the quick response, they will talk about it and spread the word of this amazing online, “drive-through” company. Wouldn’t you like to become the first “McDonalds” on the internet?



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