PR, social media, music, singing, dancing, cabaret, 4x4ing, photography, videography, laughing! BOOM! HaHa :)


I am Lirita and I have a significantly uncommon name. 🙂

I love a lot of things including social media, music, guitars, pianos, singing, dancing, photography (LigoPhotography), videography, editing photos and videos, fishing, 4x4ing, fashion, laughing and much more! I love the fact that I can like such a variety of things as it makes me a bit less boring (I guess).

I come from an extremely small town in the Western Cape and moved to Cape Town for my studies in Public Relations Management at CPUT. My final year consisted of a one year internship at an online communications company where I discovered my love for social media and the “interwebs”! I see myself as an online communicator, engaging communities through Social Media. A few accounts I worked on are as follows:

This blog is just a “doodle” page where I jot down a few ideas. Interesting articles can be seen on my Twitter profile.

Feel free to follow me:




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