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Why should I subscribe to your newsletter?

What a great way to keep fans and followers updated on what your business is up to.

But lately, I’ve found that some companies treat all of their audiences the same – giving the same information out to everyone and at the same time. Shouldn’t the one group experience some benefits above the others?

For example: I am a fan of your work. I follow your Twitter and Facebook feeds, and I subscribed to your newsletter – as you asked fans to do… Now every day you make a new blog posting, I see it on my Facebook feed, a few seconds after on my Twitter feed, and then within a few minutes I find the same blog posting in my mailbox. I would think that if you ask me to “Subscribe to our newsletter”, I would have some sort of advantage above your other followers. Like maybe I get the blog postings as soon as it is published, whereas the Facebook and Twitter followers get it only after an hour or later that day.

As all of the above means of communication are there to keep your customers/followers happy, why not try to make them feel special also? Instead of spamming their feeds with an overload of the same information.

Or what about a special promotion running only for newsletter subscribers?

The same applies to the other feeds. Make an exception for each platform. Your Facebook followers might enjoy more photos describing your update, while your Twitter followers will need a tweet with “grabbing” content.

The main thing you have to keep in mind is that your followers, on any platform, will have to WANT to read further, WANT to click on the link, WANT to comment/like/retweet, and last but not least, they will have to WANT to subscribe to your newsletter. Otherwise, if they can’t find anything on why they should, why would they?

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What are you thinking?

Please help me caption this picture.


  • what will my next Facebook status update be?
  • How can I get more followers?
  • How can I use this hashtag in my tweet?
  • To upload a pic or not to upload a pic… That’s the question!

I was thinking about this earlier this week. If something happens in our daily life, some of us (I am guilty as well) immediately think of taking a photo and uploading it so that your Facebook friends can see it. Or we hear a joke or a quote and we just HAVE to put it on Twitter. Do you think there is a problem with this? Are we invading our own privacy by letting the world (or the portion of friends and followers we have) into our daily, boring life? Are we just putting ourselves out there like bait, to see who will give us attention? Maybe I’m just over-thinking it, but please give me some input on what you think goes on in our heads with the various social media options we have available in the modern, techno world we live in. And happy social media-ing 😉