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That was really stupid, girl – COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT

I am so disgusted right now! Just read an article, where a not-so-well-known wedding photographer posted not one or two, but numerous posts from other photographers, claiming it was her own. And she even elaborated on how cute the couple was etc etc.

I don’t know what time Meagan Kunert, a Conway, Arkansas, wedding photographer, went to sleep Tuesday night. I can only surmise from her last online posts that day that it was a night like any other. After a long day of caring for her children, juggling and organizing her upcoming work schedule, and updating her website, Facebook page, and Flickr account with stunning photographs of recent weddings, she must have retired for the night without the slightest hunch about what was going to be waiting for her the next morning.

In Vancouver, B.C., the night was a couple of hours younger. Another wedding photographer, Amber Hughes, had received a disturbing note from a colleague. He’d found a photographer who was featuring Hughes’ work on her website and claiming it as her own. Hughes visited the website, and she was shocked at what she saw. According to tweets she posted from around 10:00 pm to midnight (Vancouver time), she found Kunert had posted an entire wedding in her portfolio that had actually been shot by Hughes. Then Hughes found another of her weddings. And another. And an engagment session. At around 10:15 pm, she tweeted from her @amberhughes account, “I’m appalled by the reposting of my images by @meagankphotos as her own work.”

The lesson is this. Meagan Kunert went from being a relatively anonymous wedding photographer with a happy little business (albeit one built on a massive lie) to being reviled as a fraud and being forced to apologize in front of thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, in about eighteen hours. The power of the web, and of social media in particular, can be absolutely overwhelming. Utilize it properly, and it can spread the message you want to spread in ways you might never even have imagined. Just don’t lie.


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I really cannot believe someone would try this! I mean, it’s the INTERNET! You don’t mess with the INTERNET! Isn’t the whole¬†Jessica Leandra dos Santos and Tshidi Thamane story enough evidence? Ugh!

I just need to point out again what the article says: “The power of the web, and of social media in particular, can be absolutely overwhelming.”